Can jews be open to berlin open?

An interview ensures mission in israel

Everywhere demonstrations against israel, anti-semitic connection in france – the crisis in middle east also has an impact on the jews in western europe. A supposed advice of the berlin police is now ensured for vortex: a spokesman should have advised jews not to show their religious rented at the strain.

The notification came on tuesday morning in the english-language edition of the israeli daily ha’aretz: "berlin police: jews should not wear identifiable clothes." since the police do not wear the jews before surprise, they recommend to do without kippas or davidstaren. The newspaper relied on a report of the israeli military radio.

Also rabbi yehudah teichtel, head of the berlin section of the judian movement chabad lubawitsch, was asked for a statement. He had to date to date by such a recommendation, but was shocked as expected. On request from telepolis, taktel could not confirm acute danger situation in berlin.

The berlin police dement. The malpractical exercises have fallen in a single-hour conversation with an official of the state criminal office, which the israeli broadcast has procured at about a minute. In a press release, the police apologize for missing messages and quotes the wording of the interview.

"I had a few rules of behavior that i could know. But i can imagine that i would violate our orthodox mitburgers in your belief. Of course it would be a probate resource, not to show it to the outside, so neither by clothing nor by symbols, by the kippa or similar items, davidstern natural. However, this is a difficult undertaking, just if you might manifest your faith in the field. In this respect, this would be a means and everyone likes to examine whether he considered suitable as such for suitability."

This advice will appear relatively non-binding and moderate in that the us government is considering that the government recommends its burgers to dress unnecessary abroad and avoid people who speak loudly (block watch, please report).

So much larm about nothing? Ha’aretz has now improved the message several times, while israeli broadcasting remains with its presentation.

The notification probably met the current feeling of an acute danger of the jews around the world. Lastly, the success of the right-wing extremist le pen emphasized rough releases. After paying the judian world congress, it came to 360 anti-semitics in france within two weeks in france. The israeli minister of the interior eli jischai advised the jews in france, her "pack suitcases and to emigrate to israel".

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