Athiopien: new massacre in the field of gumuz

Ethiopia: new massacre in the area of gumuz

The main languages and ethnic groups in athiopien and eritrea. Map: tp

The militareinsatz to the 207 dead in late december has not pacified the region

The ethiopian human rights commission consultant aaron maasho according there has been a massacre on tuesday in the village daletti came in which at least 80 people dead. Eyewitnesses reported the public television station ya-ityop̣p̣ya brodkasting corpores even of more than a hundred dead slaughtered by gumuz warriors.

Abiy ahmed twitter

Daletti is located in the district of metelet, which is belonging to the region benishangul-gumuz. In this district there was already in another village at the end of december, in bekoji, a massacre, where even 207 people were killed. Shortly before, there had been security for security because they should guard a visit to the athiopian minister prosident abiy ahmed in the region beniskul-gumuz.

Even here, eyewitnesses of gumuz warriors, the amharen, oromo and relatives of the relatively light-skinned omotic shinasha slaughtered. Abiy ahmed did not deny that, but suggested on his (non-locked) twitter account that the tigrinya party of woyane, with whom he leads to the northeast of the country’s war, is indirectly behind the massacre. Evidence for dafur he did not. Father totete athiopic soldiers allegedly 42 of the attacker. That they ensured their arrows and bow suggests that it was gumuz warriors.

Derg-militar government settled around

That also under the name "bega" well-known nilosaharan people chases namely today with arrow and bow. It knows no central authorities, but only matrilinear clans and nerves themselves from game mainly of sorghum millet, which plant it in the hiking field construction and harvested and creates beer auber too bee. His ancestors have been living for the archaological findings for christ’s birth in the area, which today belong to the region beniskul-gumuz and the adjacent sudanese province of faughli.

Benishangul-gumuz has been athiopia since 1898, which – unlike other african states – never was european colony. For this, the most commonly related amharen and tigray in 19 acted as a deseshment acted in 19. And early 20. Century with their emperors themselves as a colonial power and subdued other volker over their settlement limits. Kaiser menelik ii., the 1896 the italians defeated the other european colonial power successfully, he was civilizing the neighboring people as a christian, if one let him rule there – although this undertaking in practice insisted that these volker had to serve abyssinian garrisons.

Settlers from other regions of athiopia came into the land of gumuz in the 1980s in the middle of the 1980s, when the then derg-militar government of mengistu haile mariam wanted to counter the growth growth with coarse-applied releases. These releases laid the foundation for the tensions, which now led to a war with ethnic fronts.

Only in the sudanese province of faulzhli converted gumuz in large numbers to islam, which is why there are no signs that the conflict in metel is also one between koran and bible – unlike the athiopian oromoland, where succession organizations of the islamist oromo nationalist group of jaarraa abbaa gadaa the information of the athiopian orthodox tewahedo church after the summer with "swords, macheten spears, sticks and stones" veruben massacre at christians.

It should also have come to numerous rape. Auber amhare were also affected by the massacres christian oromo. In this people, they are considered numerous in this people as the muslims, but are increasingly associated with amharen and tigrinya.

War in tigray continues

The most famous conflict currently in the second-most-richest state of africa is held in the province of tigray, in which the athiopian central militar invades in november (cf. Athiopia: away free for the burger war). He continues one and a half months after the victory of the victory by abiy ahmed. Athiopia: rather berlin or rather baghdad?To). Only on wednesday, the minister president acquired that his troops had told other important members of the tigrinya party woyane-based as guerilla – including the former athiopian aufemister seyoum mesfin.

The access to this war area remains largely blocked, as among other things, the un human rights commissioner michelle bachelet complains, which will report on excess court executions, attacks on civilians, plunners and other war crimes.

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