With microsoft and bp to the kingdom of heaven

A ecclesiastical fund for investors with ethics

At the end of november, union investment, a new fund submitted the league pax cattolico union. Of the league pax cattolico union is not any fund: it includes values that "after firmly defined ethical aspects" be selected. "Christian values, social mabs, sustainable corporate policy and economic goals" are the factors that pay.

With Microsoft and BP to the kingdom of heaven

Although it is known to go more camels through needle ears as a rich in the kingdom of god, but god has a few possibilities more than the people here on earth. And we have to chap on us – thank god – do not worry about how we divide our possessions among the poor, but that investment with "ethical aspects" – and maybe too "economic goals" – in line.

Economy and ethics generally want to fit so little together. Who can give an ethically binding answer, which is better before the eyes of god and the people? Is it ethically preferable to invest in oko companies and women’s projects, sometimes sometimes can bring their own coal quickly? Or produces better buggy software in the rough style and will be used with the capitalized capital to the large benefit of humanity?

It is not least the task of churches to give the unleashed people of modern time ethical support. And at least the catholic can now the difficult shaft of the ethical investment outsources. It is from the press release to league pax cattolico union quot:

"The investment universe of the league pax cattolico union is defined by the ethical index global return of e. Capital partners. This index includes 300 values that are selected from the msci-world after permanently defined ethical aspects. Christian values, social mabs, sustainable corporate policy and economic goals are in the foreground. The pasth lateranunification and business school università bocconi in milan decide in a multi-level selection procedure, which companies fulfill the strict criteria and to be included in the index. For example, microsoft, royal dutch, bp or nokia pay. The entire selection process is accompanied by the three world-growing order, the jesuits, the capubers and the salesians.

We came to talking about the personal ethical merits of the microsoft grunder. But to separate it is the entitat microsoft, which certainly earned the inclusion in each fund by its price development, but on the other hand has a persistent problem with the eighth bid. Since the error messages were talking wrong testimony against dr-dos, there were countless "misunderstandings" in the microsoft process, and there was there "true" switcher to windows xp, which then (as the picture being identified as a model image) mutate to freelance authors, which, of course, have nevertheless changed to windows xp – until someone found the pr-lady in the depths of a word document that the text had written and this also confirmed.

Be * s drum – at least microsoft never wanted to sink olforder platforms in the sea, was not sued because of the aid for torture and totging nigerian activists, has never been daily, knowingly groundwater in turkey to pollute. While we had already held the next company with christian values and social mabs…

Is bp better? If one believes this website, so that is the good to be noticed: holes in nigeria, animal experiments, rusts of the rust. But first of all we had to become clear about it, whether non-cosmetic animal experiments are unethical. And whether the rusting industry is unethical, etc. Usf.

Well, as already mentioned, take this to the decision-making on request two universities as well as jesuits, salesians and just the bettel order of the kapuchin (which the latter is u.A. In 16. Jh. Therefore, the franciscan’s beggar order, because the franciscans were already too established).

Too bad that the ethical success of the fund will not be so easy to quantify as the economic…

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