Telegram control more, prominent politicians to wirecard scandal

Telegram control more, prominent politicians to Wirecard scandal

Because some communication of parties on the scandal ran around the relevant payment service provider wirecard uber telegram, politicians demand more control over the messenger service. Fabio de masi from the left, who in the wirecard investigation committee of the bundestag sab, said loud handelsblatt, if it is on telegram’s indications of heavy crimes, state resistances should be accessed by judicial arrangement to such content.

The meanwhile battered wirecard group had on 25. June 2020 bankruptcy filed. First of all, the number service providers had shifted several times the submission of the annual balance sheet 2019 and finally on the 18th. June suggested that 1.9 billion euros supposedly noticed on trust accounts did not exist. The immediate exclusive was that the economic provision ey refused the testat for the 2019 record. The prosecutor’s office goes from "gangmabige fraud" which lending banks and investors should have been brought by over three billion euros

Marsalk’s favorite channel

In the final report of the investigation committee, telegram in the wirecard management board was a major communication medium in the wirecard board, the "favorite channel" of the ex-board jan marsalk. His assistant had testified, in the spring of 2020 the communication "90 percent over telegram took place". "Presumptions and chat course with a familiar employee suggest that marsalk has kept company shares in the messenger service telegram", it is called in the report. Chat protocols should have been laid by him.

Uber telegram had been handled by a not only significant proportion of internal communication, marsalk had also entertained himself with his partners – especially after his escape. The highest priority is therefore that the messages are reconstructed.

The federal office for justice leads to telegram, which sits in the uae, two book money procedures because possibilities for the complaint about criminal content are not easily recognizable and achievable. In addition, it is not clear where courts could contact telegram if someone applies legally against the company based on the network translation law. The bundestems step welcomed the cdu chairman in the matthias hauser committee according to the report.

Telegram applies to some people as "safe chat" and "chat with privacy". However, everything that the users write is stored centrally by telegram and delivered if necessary. Marsalk and those who used his used "secret chats", which are secured before reading by third parties. Most telegram users do not use them if you know them overhead. Secret chats can not be used for groups and only use on a device.

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