Tech2go: automated war – from flash crash to flash

Tech2GO: Automated War - from Flash Crash to Flash

The fact that ki systems are used in military disputes to achieve a speed advantage could lead to a tidy dynamic, warns the politologist ulrike franke in the new episode of tech2go, the podcast of technology review.

"If an actor has very autonomous systems in his arsenal and therefore very fast-acting systems, then one can actually only have these systems with similarly quickly acting defense systems," says franke. The scenario that all pages have high-carnonymous weapons is therefore worrying because these systems could react to each other. It is conceivable that it comes to "flash wars" – "conflicts, analogous to the flash crash on the borse, where automated systems generate in seconds, because they influence and overreact each other."

Ulrike franke has received a doctorate from political science and oxford via the use of drones through western coatings. She is policy fellow at londoner think tank european council on foreign relations (ecrf) and works there to the question of how artificial intelligence (ki) changed the militar. Together with carlo masala and frank sauer from the university of the bundeswehr munchen) and the journalist thomas wiegold also operates the podcast "safety half".

That the development out of the development is by no means unattainable, clarifies high-ranking militars such as the general john murray. He had only briefly opposite the us news page military.Com the excav uses that people were too slow to stop an attack of automated blacks of attack drones. Although such systems are officially not in use – but they are worked worldwide.

"The technological development runs. And more and more countries will use ki, including the areas that we did not like. Germany has only a very small impact on others, "argue franke. "And the described dangers of rustwett lovers and flash wars also occur when germany does not participate in development. That’s why it’s so important that we have an eye on the development. Easy to say "we do not do that, we do not do that and then everything is fine" does not work here."

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