New dispute over study committees

In north rhine-westphalia, a considerable part of the campus maut obviously does not flee the improvement of studies and teaching. Meanwhile, the parties rats to what extent the controversial topic could be election campaign

At the end of april, the federal administrative court in leipzig had good news for the commutations of the study committees, which in the meanwhile six federal tags (seven minus hesse) multi-digit millions of bobbins into the cash registers of colleges and universitative coils. In the last instance, the court dismissed a lawsuit of the student company of the university of paderborn, with which the rejection of the semester contribution should be reached in the amount of 500 €. The state legislation of the study fee survey were compatible with the federal law, were the lawyers – and injured by no means the right "on an equal participation in the state training resources".

While not only due to the refund of the loanme, but above all because of the interest payable to pay for the interests, considerable burdens for the affected students. However, the right to equal participation in the state training resources does not call that compensation with the collection of scenes are fully compensated by social accompanying measures.

Federal administrative court

You do not have to agree with this association, but the legal entities that have already been seen in the topic of study committees are preferably due to the ratio of different legal captures, decisive or legal texts. A self-obligation to objective inventory does not always result and necessarily (see the error in the system), but actors and opinion makers are the political responsibilities, which were able to depend on appropriate measures or – as last in hesse, where the opposition was able to use the prerequisite parliamentary majority take back.

It is also up to you also to evaluate the social balance of such a ridden decision and to focus on the question that moves like no other the purposes of bespeafs and opponents. Are used locally for the purposes that they should benefit, say: serve you to improve studies and teaching?

Studies for the liberation of study goods

Already in early 2007, residual universities made for headlines, which came to the idea, to pay with the campusmaut imagebrospes and dvd players or to cover the increased heating costs (see dispute over the purpose). The statutory regulations give technical colleges and universities to today many interpretation and decision-making.

Thus, the lower sachsian higher education act sees several uses. Studies, which in the political jargon "student tuition" are to be used, should be used "to improve the care agreement between students and teachers" or to offer additional tutorials ". But they can also be created in the "equipment of the libraries as well as the teaching and laboratory rooms" and thurfing from the universities "up to a suitable use" for a bank or savings bank. Breing, understands.

After the equally clear as a public critique of their "customers", the receptionist now drove book. So students of leibniz universitat hanover, the heinrich heine university in dusseldorf, the university of karlsruhe, the ludwig-maximilians university in munchen or the university of ravensburg-weingarten – get an impression of which is financed with their money. However, the universities are usually not too concrete. Anyone who wants to shout from the assignment for individual departments and organizational units on concrete persons and projects quickly stabs his limits.

Many mails are also controversial when they are cryptically formulated. Thus, the prasidium of the university of hanover has of 4.8 million euros, which are to be ied in 2009, 125.000 euro "reserved". With this money, the liberation of students should be financed by the tuition. "Professional, but also universitar and auberuniversitar services", students can be used to enjoy the emissions of their fellow students.

Music for the savings stock

Other university locations do not argue about the purpose, but first of all of whether the purpose-determined additional revenue should be ied at all. The north rhine-westphalian ministry of innovation, science, research and technology had to grant in the middle of the last week that only 232 million euros were reinvested by the revenue from summer and winter semester 2008 in the amount of 266 million euros.

At all, the universities of the country have taken considerable 540 million euros since the campus engine in the winter semester 2006 and has so far ied only 80 percent or firmly planned. According to media reports, the universities bochum, dusseldorf and wuppertal, the fachhochschulen aachen, bielefeld, bochum, dortmund, sudwestfalen, koln, lower rhine, ostwestfalen and geldern as well as the sportscheschochschule koln are particularly patient when it comes to the paying young academics now also directly in the enjoy a recognizable improvement of the study conditions.

The university of niederrhein is almost a pattern of economy in this regard: six million euros were bunked here to create the base for a "generation contract" and to set new professors yet – not yet close-up – 15 new professors. The general student committee then demanded the halving of the costs in the senate.

Without success, but now the ministry has apparently also became suspicious and calls for by rector hermann ostendorf to precipitate the generated overscore by the end of june exactly.

For the ambitious minister andreas pinkwart, the new conflicts come to the wrong time. Finally, the multi-saved fdp man had always touted the introduction and implementation of the music model as an exemplary and necessarily. Criticism now not only ruth seidl, the higher education spokeswoman of bundis 90 / grunen, who has long been premiumed that the study commitments "do not travel in the students", but instead "seize" in the underfinanced system ". Even the young union turns "the sharpest" against the previous practice.

We have already encouraged the moist ministry and minister pinkwart several times to assist that the universities disclose the use of the transactions. (…) it is only lacking that students are exploited, as it is still beaten by incoming interest rates from their brought bold interest rates. Here, clear rules must now be created for the universities that have to be considered consistently. Otherwise, it should be really considered to commit the hemy universities to a refund to the students.

Sven vermerming, state chairman of the young union / nrw

However, pinkwart does not want to come so far. "Student contributions are not in the savings stocking", the minister explained without saying how they came to. In no case will the government be accepted "a messenger construction of tuition".

The term "wedding construction" acts in the chronic underfinanced education system of some measurable bizarre, but is not completely out of place. Said university of niederrhein requires her students not only 500 euros "study contributions", but on top of that another "semester fee" in a high level of 213.22 euros. Makes summa summarum 713.22 euros per semester.

"Lower obolus" as a coarse campaign topic?

The party criticism of the introduction or. Implementation of the students recognize recognizable to disturb the advocates of the campus maut. At the end of april, thomas kerstan pladated the editor of "time" and carrier of the media prize awarded by self-renowned reform circles "education 2006", vehement dafur, "one of the most important university reforms" to continue to support. Finally, the union-fused federal standards in this area were preceded by the example and even prominent spd representatives had to be inspired for the idea, "to demand a small obolus to finance their studies to finance their studies."Studies were almost a" bid of social justice ".

For the students, which are mostly from the privileged middle and upper class, benefit more from their studies than they – for example in the form of taxes – backward spaters of society.

Thomas kerstan

The fact that the social origin of the students is part of the problem, kerstan is liable, but his demand, the trail of the students had to finally "dare from the cover", is a wound point of the newly flamed discussion. Because the party political division into commutations and opponents is no longer as clear as two or three years ago.

To protect this thesis, not only can the example of hessen serve, but also the envision of the cdu country association in saxony and thuringen, in the case of an election victory to renounce the introduction of study goods. To acquire that in the spd no one thinks no one thinks that freshly turned on the left shaded image by a – long time not impossible – turnover in the emergency question.

In a time of billions-heavy rescue packages, it seems to be little opportun, just to neglect the future sector education. Oberdies floats an obvious accusation in the room, the most recently sabine’s hearty from the state board of the union education and science / bavaria. The study goods introduced in 2007 are ultimately "part of the same market liberal agenda, which has now enveloped in the worldwide economic crisis".

Currently it is not even extinguished that the much cited straws and burst again pop again to push the topic on the political agenda upwards. 30.000 people signed an anti-study petition of the covenant in the suden of the republic "studying without study", and on wednesday, the abolition of contributions should be demonstrated in eleven bayerian city.

In the election year 2009, the students were again allowed to play an important role in the public discussion, even though, as in bundestag and european elections, it is not decided directly on concrete maws. That it is not about a "little obolus", but about basic concepts for a socially balanced education system, lies lying on the hand.

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