Minister of state for media defended heren broadcasting contribution

Minister of State for Media Defended Heren broadcasting contribution

According to criticism, most recently, the minister of state for culture and media, monika guts (cdu), has placed itself before the public broadcasting. "Some current interventions from politics are suitable for damaging the public broadcasting at its reputation at a time in which we need it urgent than ever", said good foods of the german press agency.

Saxony’s minister prosident michael kretschmer (cdu) was though to stay in the increase as the funke’s media group reports. Young, there was the demands of the ranks of the cdu / csu to postpone the increase due to the coronavirus crisis and economic consequences.

First increase since 2009

The ministerial prospects had agreed in marz that the broadcasting contribution, which is the main source of income for ard, zdf and deutschlandradio, should rise per household per household from 17.50 euros to 18.36 euros. Saxony-anhalt had included. The landchifts followed a recommendation of an independent expert body – short kef. If the landchiefs sign the contract and agree with all state days, the increase – the first since 2009 – could enter into force on the year 2021.

Guts stressed: "the compromise found by the minister prosides for a moderate contribution market follows the recommendation of the kef, and is not expression of political arbitrariness. Because of its information order, because of the consideration of minorities and because of his cultural order, we should strongly strong the public service broadcasters." contribution financing secure rough program variety, high standards and independent journalism.

The funke media group cited saxony’s minister prosident kretschmer with the words: "the recommended emerging result from 17.50 to € 18.36 is much more moderate than you had to expect. It is appropriate and should be decided." especially from the neighboring land of saxony-anhalt came to the counterwind so far – also from several political groups in the local state parliament. Minister prosident reiner haseloff (cdu) also appealed to a self-commitment of the transmitters on the kef savings specifications. In addition, he was in the east of the settlement of ard community tasks.

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