Like google forms, but with privacy: nextcloud published poll tool

Like Google Forms, but with privacy: NextCloud published Poll Tool

With forms nextcloud extends its same name and free cloud software for a program for surveys. The questions can be answered, for example, with check boxes, short or long texts as well as drop-down lists. Furthermore, they can be provided with a drain date.

Share surveys over a link, alternatively other nextcloud users can be invited directly or equal to the complete own instance. The results can be forms separately as a diagram or according to individual users. You can create any number of surveys, the software does not look at an upper limit.

Privacy speak against other tools

Nextcloud applies forms in the envision as a direct competition to google forms, which serves the same purpose. Thus, however, nextcloud also emphasizes the same export format, but as otherwise – the data protection: among the persons who cancel the completion of a survey, this has been a third of grounds of privacy.

Forms can be found in the nextcloud app store, as open source software the application appears under the agpl. In addition to google, microsoft also offers its own form program as part of office 365 – and next to many other commercial providers exists with limesurvey also a free standalone alternative.

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