Internet of things: hivemq 4.5 writes kafka

Internet of Things: Hivemq 4.5 writes Kafka

The german company hivemq has version 4.5 of the mqtt broker of the same name. An essential focus for the release lies on performance optimizations. On the technical side are a kafka-to-mqtt transformer and the expandable rest api acquisition value. The current version is an lts release, which will give guaranteed support by january 2023, with the customer withdrawing to an additional year.

According to the blog post to the publication, the performance improvements to be booked, especially for coarse installations and, among other things, to enter the time when entering and leaving a cluster and replication of messages in the queued messages and stored messages (retained messages). In addition, for specific scenarios of memory requirements should be significantly lower.

A transformer for kafka

In june 2020, hivemq had published a connector for apache kafka. The open source software is often used due to specialization in the processing of data streams on the internet of things. Version 4.4 of the mqtt broker had a customazation api on board to transform data on the way from mqtt to kafka.

With hivemq, developers can now go to the reverse route and convert content from apache kafka before the broker distributes them as a mqtt message to the clients. When enriching the data, you can integrate third-party systems into the transformation process. In the way, among other things, the broker can distribute a kafka record with different mqtt topics to clients.

On the technical side, the extension of the rest api is also evaluated, which now allows an extension to cut own interfaces for specific application trap. In addition, the in version 4 offers.4 medied hivemq kubernet operator a dns extension (domain name system) with additional metrics. It can be understood, among other things, which dns inquiries were successful and which are failed. Also, the extension can show the cluster components found to a dns resolution.

A hive from bavaria for mqtt

Hivemq is a bavarian company that was created in 2012 under the name dc square and specializes in mqtt. In 2019, it has adapted the company name to the central product: the hivemq broker. The latter has been available in a square community edition since april 2019.

The acronym mqtt stands for message queuing telemetry transport, and the protocol spread in the iot (internet of things) relies on a publish / subscribe model in which the broker plays an essential role. Mqtt clients subscribe to certain topics and will be subscribed to them. The sending of messages is also done by a mqtt client, and the message is incorporated in addition to further information about the topic. The mqt broker is responsible for distributing the published message to the other mqtt clients who have subscribed to the corresponding topic.

Internet of Things: Hivemq 4.5 writes Kafka

The tacho publishes 70mph with the topic "speed", the broker to the subscriber of "speed" pass on.

The mqts broker hivemq has been available since april 2019 in an open source variant. In addition, the company offers a professional edition and an enterprise edition with additional functions that focus mainly on improved administration and use in the cluster and advanced security and monitoring features.

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