In the “climate emergency” act: biden charges putin and xi to online climate summit

in the'klima-notstand' handeln: biden ladt putin und xi zu online-klimagipfel ein'klima-notstand' handeln: biden ladt putin und xi zu online-klimagipfel ein

Us prasident joe biden wants to drive the efforts for climate protection and has also invited the prasidents from russia and china to an online summit meeting. The female house shared with, biders have for the online event on 22. And 23. April invitations to a total of 40 international top politicians pronounced. Among them, next to kremlin chef vladimir putin and china’s state and party leader xi jinping are also federal chancellor angela merkel and eu commission principles ursula von der leyen. The event should be transferred live on the internet.

Pursue "more ambitious emission destination"

With the summit, according to the senior house, the urgency of strong maws for climate protection and their economic benefits are underlined. Even before the us were "an ambitious emission goal" for the year 2030 as a new contribution for the paris climate agreement. Biden demanded other heads of state and government to use the online meeting, also to be astelled contribution. The next un climate conference is in november in scottish glasgow.

Biden had already announced shortly after his publicity in january that he was on 22. April – the so-called day of the earth – a climate summit be convened. Under his transaction of donald trump, which repeated doubts about climate change, the us had joined the parisian climate agreement. Still on the day of his swearing, biders have been juvened. The new prasident repeatedly revealed that the us was taking a role in the implementation of the agreement.

Special officer for the "climate emergency"

Unlike the republican trump, democrat biden has explained climate protection to one of its most important goals – the woman’s house speaks of one "climate emergency". Biden named shortly after his public advice to the early minister john kerry to the climate special representative, who was in this function to the national security council. Kerry had demanded more international ambition at climate protection organized by the federal government last week at a online congress.

The female house shared with the summit should be revived a forum of 17 important economies, which are responsible for around 80 percent of world emissions. Biden also invited heads of state and government, which are particularly committed to climate protection or whose countries are particularly affected by climate change.

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