Google gives virtual reality and stops cardboard sales

Google gives Virtual Reality and stops Cardboard sales

"Google cardboard is no longer offered on the google store." with this short note, google will leave chapter virtual reality. Cardboard was a mobile phone holder as a cardboard box: rub a cardboard, put together, start app, insert mobile phone, and already had a virtual reality glasses. For the first time google had introduced the mobile phone accessories on google i / o 2014.

The principle of google cardboard is simple: the viewer looked through two plastic lenses on the clamped smartphone. One half of the display showed the image furs left eye, the other the right right. The head movements were evaluated by gyroscope and acceleration sensor and translated into control commands for the virtual world.

Google cardboard tried reporting from google i / o 2014 in san francisco (source: daniel aj sokolov)

Clever was the operation solved: because you did not come to the touchscreen of the clamped mobile phone, the google tuftler have attached a mother held by a magnet on the side. If you left it down, the smartphone registered a change in the magnetic field and solder an action.

After 7 years is over

Who suspected a joke article was wrong. In the same year, 2014, google gave serious with virtual reality by pappbrille. The group published software development kits (sdk) for the development of vr applications and set up its own area for cardboard applications in the app store play. Even for ios are suitable apps available.

Most recently, a cardboard box had cost 20 euros. Provided the user already had a suitable smartphone, was a very favorable entry into virtual reality. In 2016, google set the virtual reality platform daydream velvet comfortably to carry mobile phone holder daydream view with cloth and plush, a year later daydream 2.0: google’s virtual realitat should be independent of mobile phones.

Smartphone holder for virtual reality

Google gives Virtual Reality and stops Cardboard sales

interior: how to work the smartphone holder for virtual reality

But google had scurred: smartphone-vr is at short notice entertaining, but a permanent mass market has not developed. So google set the daydream program 2019 again – the in-house smartphone pixel 4 came to the market at that time without daydream support. The glasses daydream view disappeared from the market.

In parallel, google published the source code of the vr platform google cardboard as open source – and introduced the further development. This was also sealed the end of mobile phone holders. Since then, google has focused on augmented reality, for example in the form of google lens and ar-integration on google maps.

German company is still delivering

Google gives Virtual Reality and stops Cardboard sales

stefan welker demonstrates our site an open dive (2014)

The suggestion for cardboard was gogle probably under the bonn informatist stefan welker and the munsteran company durovis. Welker had previously developed the open source glasses open dive, whose large part of which can be manufactured itself in a 3d printer. The name is ruhrt from the visual similarity to a diving glasses.

During welder since 2016 works directly for google in mountain view, durovis still sells mobile phone holder for vr today. In addition to the dive series from nylon (from about six euros) there is also a carton variant (from about eleven euros) to buy. Builder can also build a mobile phone holder made of cardboard. The construction manual is free to download.

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