Good populists – bad populists

Good populists - bad populists

After the holland election we will still be ooper horen, a success is good or bad for europe. But which europe is actually meant? – a comment

"The european spring is close" tit the okoliberal taz two months ago. Yesterday is the leaf of european springbone. This is his correctness, but for the newspaper, it’s a metaphor that after brexit and trump election, the appendant of the real-exciting eu allegedly goes into the offensive.

Pulse of europe, liberalism with a shot of esotericism

There will be the fact that the liberals have again discovered the strain protest and want to defend the eu on the straws and burst with eu flag and the entire phrase apparatus of neoliberal capitalism, sold as european spring. But anyone who convinced eurocrats can actually be addressed by this mix of liberal policy-speaking and a shot of esotericism?

We are convinced that the majority of people believe in the basic idea of the european union and their reformability and further development and did not victim nationalist tendencies. It is about nothing less than the preservation of a federal government to secure peace and the spirit of individual freedom, justice and legal certainty. Unfortunately, however, the destructive and destructive voices are horen in the publicity! Therefore: let’s get louder and more visible! We all have to send positive energy now, which counteracts the current tendencies. The european pulse strain should be tracked again everywhere!

Pulse of europe

Since the liberal clientel is certainly not intended to invest a lot in this affirmative suspense, must have fast successes. And so you have picked up the this-year election dates in several european countries, there inflows the right populists to the pop-up to beat two flies with a flap.

If the rights are not as strong as they are made by the propaganda, then that’s a great job. At the same time you can integrate part of the right policy into your own agenda. For the liberal and social democrats of all countries have always clarified that they are the monopoly on escape resort, the fortress europe, the grinding of fundamental rights etc., do not want to take away from any wilder, le pens or grillos. But you are suitable as a keyword. For how can better sell right policies sell than with the threat that boses of legal populists come to the government and then everything will get worse if we do not make it myself.

The game worked in germany in the 1970s, as f.J. Straub was built by that social democracy as a danger of the right to demagogue, which has done him after his fall through the mirror affare in the gross coalition at all only government. But with the threat, if you do not participate, the bose f.J. Straub to power, the spd had expelled the flours under helmut schmidt the spd that reforms could guarantee the sub-aging more influence and a slightly better life. This idea was at the spd under willi brandt just as the journalist rainer balcerowiak in his book "the hypocrisy from the reform" well-suited.

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