Freshly decorated: “iphone 13” with a fleet loader, apple display with internal gpu

Freshly decorated:'iphone 13' mit flottem lader, apple-display mit interner gpu'iphone 13' mit flottem lader, apple-display mit interner gpu

Currently the loading speed is cranked to 20 watts at iphones – if you have a suitable usb-c power supply unit. Allegedly plans apple for the coming "iphone 13" well, this value to increase 5 watts to 25 watts after all. As reported from asia, the accelerated invite will be offered from autumn together with a suitable power supply – to catch up to android advantages.

Greater batteries and 120 hertz

How the chinese-language portal mydriver writes is to become the entire iphone 13 product line 25-watts. Hardware from companies like samsung supports 25 watts already. It fits that apple seems to be aware of larger batteries for its new models expected in the fall. "Iphone 13 pro" other "iphone 13 per max" should new lpto displays be obtained, which supports 120 hertz image change frequency for the first time, what apple "promotion" is called.

A13 with neural engine

Another fresh rope concerns apple’s monitors. As 9to5mac reports, apple wants one "intelligent screen" bring to the market in which next to the display including control electronics also equal to an a13 chip with neural engine (known from the iphone 11). Sense and purpose of the exercise: the hardware was used as a graphics accelerator (egpu) to provide high resolutions and better gaming experiences without the integrated soc of the mac being overloaded. This is especially intended for intensive graphics applications.

Replacement furs pro display xdr?

Apple launched in 2019 per display xdr market – a 5000 euro and more expensive high-end screen. However, this display comes without integrated egpu or arm soc support. For five years, it has also been colported that apple could also return entry-level displays (or comparatively favorable variants). But the a13 display is supposed to replace the pro display xdr – so it could hardly be allowed.

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