Doom and gloom

The elimination of the full eleven reflects the situation of the country

The german eleven is eliminated, failed by its own inability to win. The catcalls that have erupted and will fill the gazettes and screens in the coming days were pre-programmed. Everyone knew that in portugal "rumpelfubball", that the team had offered in the run-up, no pot can be won, the deficits in playing technique are much too gross.

That’s why the completely exaggerated criticism that is now being leveled at the players is dishonest and objectively mendacious in the highest degree. Exactly those who are currently criticizing the players and calling them "bad guys" are the ones who are not "upper goon" and "europe’s fools" they were praising to the skies just a week ago, after the holland game. A reasonably good half against a divided and completely indisposed dutch team and the drawn outcome against this one "arch-enemy" the number of pages was enough to talk and write the national team into the final.

Even ottmar hitzfeld, who is already at the ready, won’t be able to do anything about the players’ lack of ability. As a coach of top teams for many years, he may have more authority and more expertise and practical experience in dealing with sensitive, self-satisfied and often overestimating old and young professionals than he has in the past "buddy type" rudi and "comical" skibbe, the former bayern coach is also forced to get by with the same "player material" to get along with the same as the resigned coaches.

It is not as if voller and his vice had left one or the other football grobe at home, which hitzfeld could reactivate. Unlike holland, the czech republic, england or italy and spain, which failed due to their own stupidity and could easily send two teams to the tournament, there is no such variety and selection in germany. The twenty-three soccer players who played in portugal were and are the best that germany can currently offer without injury.

In politics, the situation is not much different, which is why the failure of the eleven is once again a mirror image of the country’s failure. She, too, has to make do with the personnel that governs, with schroder, eichel, stolpe and all the others. Just as schneider, ballack and kuranyi stumble over the best opportunities to score, they stumble from election to election, from announcement to announcement, from law to law. And here, too, one has the feeling that a substitution of the coach, the leader or the assistants did not bring any traceable improvement.

Another chancellor, finance minister or federal president has been at the "modest" situation not much different. This is exactly the misery of this country, that there is no alternative, that the others can’t do it any better, neither the busy, loud stoiber nor the chubby merkel. Just as the german team presented itself in portugal and as it failed four years ago in holland against a b-team, so the political (and economic) elites of this country present themselves: unimaginative and overtaxed, shying away from risk and always seeking the path of least resistance.

Germany has simply slept through the end of the cold war, globalization and networking, in politics as well as in soccer. While the other countries around have long since overhauled their social systems, adapted them to the new situation, and set up talent pools to meet the challenges that free trade, competition, and the brain drain are imposing on all states and nations, here at home we have been resting on the laurels that america’s long arm, i.E., the slipstream of posthistory, has given west germany for many years.

This prosperity, these social achievements and historical compromises, the splendor and glory of bygone days and years, are still lived on. Even yesterday, after milan baros scored in 78. In the second minute, he abused the heavy-duty defenders worns and nowotny as slalom poles, and with his goal put an end to all final hopes of the germans to save the game "todesstob" a not quite youthful spectator in front of us on the tollwood grounds in munich was constantly babbling about the "new" media "miracle of bern", that you as a fan and player only have to believe rock-solid, then everything will be alright. Myths that have once been put into the world by the media can have such a latently stubborn effect on the sense of reality.

But to get through the preliminary round of a european championship nowadays, memories of miracles or historical deeds are no longer enough. Nor is it enough to appeal to the willpower and the willingness to run, to activate the team spirit, or to be the mar of the tournament team. Once disenchanted, myths quickly lose their effect. It takes more than that. Playing wit and technique, for example, keeping the ball in tight spaces, even against several opponents, and the willingness to take risks. Of all these skills that are required in modern football, from defenders as well as forwards: close ball control and player opening, flugelspiel and double pass, rapid position changes and feint wealth, etc., the voller troop has little to offer. Slow and sluggish, pushing the ball high and wide into the penalty area, they moved around the field. With a more courageous referee, voller and co. Had a. Already against the latvians "had finished".

In england, under berti vogts, willpower once again moved mountains. With the highest physical commitment and fighting spirit, but also with a bit of luck (which is part of it), they became european champions once again, despite limited playing resources. In the meantime, berserkerism and robot soccer are not enough. Voller is to be praised, because he didn’t do any more gentle coloring at his resignation and admitted this lack of the german kickers honestly and openly in front of the press. Our politicians were also like that! They will also admit that they cannot do it.

Hitzfeld will quickly notice this and get to trace. His inauguration will give the eleven and the media a "strategic breather" enable. With his person, he will be able to solve the structural problems that felix magath recently addressed in a kicker interview: too many pr appointments for the players, a lack of talent demands from the professional teams, too many mid-level foreigners in the professional teams, a deficient training system at the dfb, players who are quickly hyped up by the press (see podolski, schweinsteiger, and co.), for some time. He will not be able to do anything about the misery as such. In two years, when the world cup is played in germany, the catcalls will be much more coarse. To schroder’s chagrin.

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