Confluent expands apache kafka for unlimited storage

Confluent expands Apache Kafka for unlimited storage

The streaming platform provider confluent works on a strategic conversion that makes its cloud service for event streaming easier, more efficient and cost-effective. As part of the metamorphosis project, the company now announces an unlimited and automatically managed storage (infinite storage) for confluent cloud based on apache kafka.

Clear real-time and historical data

So far, for the ckus provided on the event streaming platform (confluent unit for kafka) storage limits, because the operators are always committed to a balance between the retention duration and the cost of the memory required by developers and the costs incurred by developers. Confluent now wants to pursue this conflict, as the company founded by the former kafka developers believes that the previously full-time storage intervals from days to a few weeks in view of the growing number of applications and services that depend on event streaming data , no longer sufficient – like jun rao, is one of the coales of confluent, in his blog contribution exports.

Confluent cloud therefore wants to provide unlimited memory in short for standard and dedicated clusters, and thus the apparently of numerous kafka users converious destroy destroy destroys to expand the event streaming platform as a primary storage system for the database. By combining current (real time) and historical data in kafka love the entire system construction simplify so clearly so as not only to increase the accuracy of findings from the data, but also to provide users with a higher quality of the applications and services. So far, historical data – usually out of cost – are outsourced – into other data stores and integrated from there only with appropriate needs.

Unlimited data management implemented in confluent cloud as tiered storage (graded storage) should benefit numerous application scenarios. Rao refers, for example, in this context, for example, banks who not only make their legally imposed storage periods easier, but also gain customers easier access to their historical financial transactions and account movements.

Start on aws

The new feature is intended to provide confluent cloud users at aws – a rollout to other cloud provider platforms follows later. For the storage disconnected from the compute resources, consumption dependent costs are incurred, but a provisioning of the memory in advance is not required. Further information on unlimited storage with apache kafka can be found in the confluent blog as well as in the documentation for the project metamorphosis.

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