Bedou-3: china completes gps competitors

BeDou-3: China completes GPS competitors

China completed its global satellite navigation network bedou-3. On tuesday, the last of the 35 satellites of the $ 10 billion expensive competitors, among others, the us global positioning system (gps) from the xichang space station in the suden china. A three-stage support rocket of the type "long march 3b" brought the satellite into a geostationary orbit.

With the last bedou-3 satellite, china is now a satellite-controlled navigation network that works worldwide reports the bbc. The versions of bedou-1 and beidou-2 so far only offered a luckless coverage of the asia-pacific room. With bedou-3, in addition to the us gps, the russian glonass and the european galileo, another worldwide navigation network is available.

Base for beidou-4

According to chinese, the system should become one of the system until 2035 "all-related, integrated, comprehensive national position determination, navigation and time system" get extended. How to show from a document of the china satellite navigation office to bedou’s fourth version, bedou-3 should form the core system.

The basic version of bedou-3 has been put into operation in december 2018 and has since been ready for use for the general public. Originally, the last satellite of the bedou-3 system should already be on 16. June to be brought to his position. Technical problems on the rocket prevented the planned start.

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