Apple allegedly goes against leaker

Apple allegedly goes against Leaker

Apple seems to be better under control from product details in social media: the leader "kang" was warned after its own indication of a law firm acting on behalf of the iphone group, no further confidential content is more unopiced and already tailored postings.

Using the disclosure of the information konne competitors or exchange end customers, if some details have not been correct, had been caught as a reason. The writing had also received other leader, writes kang.

Specifies spec list to iphone 12 in advance

Kang published several applicable information on apple products in advance at the chinese network weibo, part of the chinese network, his information was also transferred in english on twitter. For this purpose, about ultimately, correct details on the specifications of the entire iphone 12 lineup as well as the then newly introduced homepod mini. He has never published secret product photos, but only texts – partly in the form of rats and alleged trauma -, so kang, but also this is unexpected to the legal letter. Which consequences were threatened, remains unclear.

Bright and speculation around new apple products are almost as old as the company itself, which has always put on penible secrecy in product development and accordingly possible surprising envisages, especially since the juxtapy of steve jobs.

With the billion company iphone has also developed a market around leaks and the betrayal of business secrets, preliminary information on specifications and planning planners can be worth gold for accessory manufacturers. For the next iphone generation, usually months in advance decisive details, many of the information are now exchanged over social media.

Hard procedure against leaks

According to the youngest reports, apple has now stanned again on secrecy for suppliers: in addition to a reliability monitoring of the workers, the apple products should continue to ensure video monitoring and the destruction of prototypes, that no components are involved in the openity. The group attributed to its own employees several years ago strict measures in cases of secrecy.

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