Anger on computer

A british study states growing frustration and a serious problem

With a new name you have often found a new phenomenon in the social sciences, which you can then exclude. Computers widespread in the world of work and become everyday sacrifice, despite the meanwhile "eradicate" aged still thanks to the sloppy programmed software and incompatibilities is known to have his muck – and not too little. The silence suffer the user, especially if they are not experts and hobbyists and expect that the worker is simply working, occasionally and probably not so rarely in anger or frustration. Created with a name that sounds best in english, that’s "computer rage" or "it stress".

On behalf of compaq the british market has opinion research international (mori) 1250 employees in gobritans asked if the information technology is a curse or a blessing for them. 80 percent of respondents have observed colleagues who abreader their frustration verbally or with fumes on their computers, and half of them were on, they were sometimes so stressed by the technique that they were most likely to be backed up. And when the computer is stunted once, which is the daily fate of many, the propagated affective computing probably nothing more useful in which one wants to intercept the arger by means of the walling mood of users.

Compaq, of course, takes on this topic to show how well the company can solve this, but first of all, a problem remedy and a phanomena could be created to offer a solution that promises competitive advantages. Allegedly, the half of all calls at the company’s hotline are made for the reason because users have forgotten their password and are excluded from access to their computer (see also the gloss: alphanumeric chaos). There was a different technique that handles the human thought, for example, a scanner to remedy a scanner to identify fingerprints when the network has not collapsed and not creating new problems.

But even the psychologists now have a new field of work to find therapies for the proper mr. Or operator of the supposedly wise and time-saving helper, which the experts will seem to be difficult to properly exafe. At least professor robert edelmann, creating work conflicts and commentator of the study, offers everyone his help via a paid telephone call. In order to give the whole more weight, the professor has staged a new diagnosis: technical fear or, so that it sounds more scientific. The accident tra (technology-related anxiety). This by-product of ours "obsession with the technology" let a serious – and therefore probably an expert of biological software renouncing – "modern disease". Lively "computer rage" not only in working life, but also in leisure. In any case, once again, technique should replace the work, creating new work in the form of service – and be it only to restore self-esteem, because many are accused of stupidity and ignorance because of the pcs of stupidity and ignorance.

Good advice for the frustrated has the psychologist also. For example, you should leave the computer time to handle the problem yourself before you enter action. Or you should have time to think and then go through the problem yourself before you get the experts, to whom opposite you should be friendly. Waiting can be used productively by doing other work. Finally, then you are not distracted by emails, chats or other pleasures of work. If you get angry, rather make a little break, but do not worry loud because that could be unpleasant for the colleagues. And otherwise you should prefer to attack the computer, because that’s all worse making. So so far the psychologist.

Hold the respondents feels frustrated because it takes so long until the difficulties with the computer are resolved again. One-third of those who experience daily computer absorbers says that there are at least one hour to get the machine back. 40 percent also give the computer bog blam to the problems. 22 percent complained about the experts from the computer department, which although the symptoms turn off, but do not resolve the resulting source of error. Who is old than 55 years and therefore has not grew up with computers, is more responsible for those problems, and averaged 20 percent of the company, because they have not invested in the computer fertilization. A quarter is convincing that the difficulties of incompatible soft and hardware are derived.

Head of the computer department seems to be a little lover job. Nine out of ten respondents did not want to do this work. But they also take the arms in protection when 75 percent say that these can not really fix problems anymore. The it companies and the employers should therefore make sure to provide a functioning computer system so that the work becomes stress-free.

Self-resistant is "computer rage" in addition to the psychological burden on employees also a cost factor. Almost a quarter of the respondents announced that their work will be interrupted during a computer crash or other problems with technology. This can not be adhered to deadlines or business relationships are seriously influenced. The staff in public service supposedly tilted to get away from the technical problems occurring and easy to take away if they can no longer work. A third of those who experience problems during which day says he’s long working or working home. So computers improve the work productivity.

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