A fancy handshake and the invisible hand

A fancy handshake and the invisible hand

Image: weibe’s house

Real game of thrones

Even if the visit of konigin angela in the woman’s house was not very atmospheric – the two, meant an observer after the fancy handshake in front of the photographers, were probably as "rather worst friends" district – donald had still a small joke at the end of the press conference: a commonality was that both had been secured by the previous government.

Of the "trouser suit" responded to this template but only with a single laughter, instead of taking the ball and demanding: "let us jointly discontinue this unbalancing state that deepens our democratic and rule of law values. Bring your masters of intelligence under control, i will do the same with the universities."

Now quick reactions have never been a trademark of konigin angela, which as a communicative reaction is known to the vertical mouth angle, and this was also used here. What showed that angela as a brave vasallin continues to be more "permanent government" intended for obeying whose acum "among friends" she already gained shoulder suggingly, and not the new king. Nevertheless, it’s natural to make a good impression and so she had brought her most important economic drivers, which donald present her good works for the consolation so well that he as "good people" designated. About the secret first lady, the konigsteuer ivanka, which is in the fashion industry, angela also invited an initiative, the successful methods of their craftsman guilds in the training of "trainees" mentioned apprentices in the exceptionalistic tische konigreich.

Again, this was very praised by konig donald – but that was already with the charities. Hardly angela was gone again, twittered donald emport, that her country to him rough quantities of money owe, because there is too little for the expensive "protection" by nato.

As a novice in the world-political business, konig donald had but not really understood here, because this money is, if at all, not to him, but the nato and all members pay it there voluntarily.

Just as voluntarily, they have undertaken to spend 2% of national gdps in the future, where angelas rich still broke up, but also has a few years time to fulfill the plan. But donald wants the coal probably immediately …

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