18 Instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

18 instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

The word surcharge ability sounds like dusty burokratendutsch – and has a current brisance for millions of tenants. It’s about cable television costs, which so far from the landlord on every tenant "placed" can be in utility bill – roughly eight euros per month are fally. Everyone has to pay whether he wants or not – even television deniers. The federal government wants to tilt this concept. Instead, each household should withdraw its own contract with the network operator. "Tenants should have the chance to elect their owner himself", explains the federal ministry of economics.

The project of minister of economic minister peter altmaier (cdu) and transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) was known in summer. The payability of the tv costs via the additional costs should be abolished. So tenants should not be more "timed automatism" be released and there will be more competition, it is called in the ministry of economic affairs: "tenants should only pay for the services for the services that they actually use." with the new scheme, tenants were benefited from favorable competitive prices.

Lucrative business for cable network operator

The criticism of the planning is now louder. Companies like vodafone are wearing deep worries. So far, they are updating the regulation from the 1980s, now fear of their pfrow customers could switch from cable to satellite, or watch tv only over the internet.

Linear television, in which the viewer must focus on the program and switch on to a certain time, gerat is given "on demand"-retrieval of many viewers anyway something out of fashion. The end of the paying obligation of tenants for a television connection was able to find this trend still.

For the network operators, the television corporation is a registration – toleration with housing companies and other coarse landlords are lucrative, the administrative burden is low. "The payability guarantees more than 12 million households a cost-effective and particularly varied television offer", says thomas braun, prassident of the cable network operator federation anga.

Threatening the operators swing the pricing: if individual representation has been introduced, the prize was significantly increasing in the face of high administrative costs, it is called by vodafone – currently a cable television contract costs 18 euros and thus more than twice the previous price, which is put on all tenants.

Public legal programs free of charge

The multi-part orchestra of the critics is occupied with representatives from very different political corners. Reinhard houben from the fdp parliamentary group indicates that hartz iv receptioners are particularly affected. Because so far, the office ames their rental costs – fell out the tv costs out there, the recipients of state social benefits had to open the money even. Many goods that probably too expensive – "and then you have no direct access to information on tv", monised houben. His bundestag college ralph leerkert from the left is also against it. "A legislative chanting, which leads to a price of the threat for burgers, we reject." he calls for a guarantee of free reception publicly legal channels for everyone.

Even from ranks of the government coalition comes criticism. Thus, the municipal political spokesman of the spd parliamentary group, bernhard daldrup, the abolition of transferability as "problematic and by no means the socially equal solution". Also from tree internships of the lander and by landesmedia institutions are conjured. The latter warn from range losses in the tv reception and negative impact on the variety of services: small broadcasters, which offer their program so far only over cable, could disappear.

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