Violence and crimetate in the greek fubball

Violence and crimetate in the Greek Fubball

The injured stelios volitakis. Image: handout greek photo union

Fubball fans hurt sport photographers hard

The violent piraces in greece’s professional ball world continues. Young victim is a press photographer whose "pass" therein existed between traws masked hooligans and their goal. Through a litter with a chair, the photographer stelios volitakis was injured at the head. There is danger for his eyesight. His head injuries were treated in athens coarse accident hospital kat. To rescue his eyesight, the press photographer association of greece has searched a specialist. Three more people were slightly injured by the hooligans.

Volitakis was amazing the draw of the games days of greece’s second league, the football league, on site. At the event, the chairman of the football league, spyros kalogiannis, should be honored with a honore. Also present was the still-reigning prassident of the greek fubball association giorgos girzikis.

Gartzikis stands because of manipulation of the health resorts of athletes among the indictment and had already had to influence. His interventions in sports facilities had guided at the interim suspension of the fubball chiefs by sports minister stavros kontonis. Finally, fifa and uefa on the part of the minister. The puzzle for the first league is thus done next weekend.

But even with the uncompromising solution, which, among other things, determined the early referees and current uefa functionar kyros vasaras as the top of the skill, there are critical voices from a part of the clubs.

Sports minister stavros kontonis. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Meanwhile, the fubball boss defendant due to gangmabigem betting fraud was confronted by olympiakos piraus, vangelis marinakis, with a threatening u-fur. Marinakis, who belongs to the four most bidding around one of the nationwide private television licenses (uproar in greece’s media world), has violated his deposit editions. So at least it sees the state public prosecutor stamatis daskalopoulos.

He cited from the indictment that marinakis is for the membership and guidance of a criminal organization, which was in the territory of greek fubball tatig, because of continued fraud, continued errreng, betrayal unfair actions and advanced troubleshooting of fubball games to give their outcomes must answer. Daskalopoulos recalls that in addition to marinakis seven further accused, former fleet of epo, for four crimes – the formation of a criminal association, fraud, erpreng and corruption – must be on the dock. For this purpose, twenty further defendants, referees, coaches and players who are responsible for carrying out the manipulation of the target results are responsible for.

Violence and crimetate in the Greek Fubball

Vangelis marinakis after the auction for the television licenses. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

For the prosecutor, marinaki’s arrest and a debris until the process is justified. Daskalopoulos said that marinakis, who was forbidden for the duration to the process as a deposit edition of any activity in the fubball, continued as a prasident of olympiakos piraus in the openity, playing a game of players, and continues to actively lead the association. Because the prosecutor also removes the public exercises of marinakis that he should continue to be charged to influence games, daskalopoulos demands the arrest. Duruber must be decided in the next few days by the council of the court of appeal,.

The threatened by the arrest had uplanted days ago, he saw the activity of the judiciary with humor. Apparently, however, it is now finish with funny. Marinakis refunded ad against the prosecutor because he looks unfairly treated and persecuted. For his part, he raises a complant to the prosecutor’s office.

The attacks of the muted are related to the numerous scandals of the greek fubball and not as an attack of the hooligans to see the press. The photojournalist association wanted to protest against the unbearable state in its own way. After there have been numerous injured colleagues in the past season, all the world should see what really happens to the start of the greek fubball season.

The press photographers want to interrupt their activity during the games for a quarter of a quarter, holding out transparent and protest against violence and corruption in the fubball.

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