The destruction of nature accelerates itself

The wwf creates a living planet index

The world apparently slides not only in an economic crisis, but also the environmental problems are getting more briskant. The ozone hole has never been as rough as this year, which was at the same time the warmest year since a century. The 15 warmest years in this century existed since 1980.

After the investigation of arctic ice layers has shown that the emphasis that has brought the last ice age 12500 years to an end, not all and slow and slowly. Within only 50 years, the temperature on earth rose by about 30 degrees. New investigations on ice layers in the antarctic, which were carried out by the climatic james white, now revealed that this was not a regional process, because even here, the temperature rose at this time within a few decades by 6 degrees. Plants, animals and humans have little chance of adapting to the new conditions in such a quick time. Which grounds the emphasis occurred so fast is not yet known, but many scientists accept that people’s activities have one "normal" employment process.

A just published report of the world wide fund for nature announces alarming numbers. Since 1970, people have destroyed more than 30 percent of nature – and destruction continues faster and faster. Natural walder were at this time by 10 percent less. Agent are so stalemed in the rough of england and wales. The ocosystems in the sea decreased by 30 percent, and the most alarming is that the fresh water okosystems were 50 percent less. All this is the "power", which happened in the period of a human generation and owes itself primarily to the rich countries. The consumption of people has doubled in the last 25 years.

The living planet index is to be regularly created by the wwf witerhin and hold the state of the environment similarly, so jonathan loh, the author of the report, as the dow jones index is the fluctuations in new york borse. Of course, one hopes that this report finds the attention of politicians so that counterclaims can be initiated. It is necessary to set the overfish of the seas to terminate the deforestation, reduce air pollution and use of pesticides to use drinking water more economical, gain energy from renewable resources and limit the traffic. Especially in a time in which a recession threatens worldwide, however, the maintenance of the environment is usually last. The chances of a change are currently low. Probably the situation is still much more dramatic to force the states around the world to a new policy.

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