Data savings warns of total failure at apple’s time capsule

Apple’s last version of the wlan router time capsule, which has not been officially offered since 2018, is still available for many users – also the possible backup feature via time machine is often used because they are very simple in mac networks use.

Two seagates affected

However, a data reclining company warns that it can lead to the obsolete, which were finalized three years ago by apple, to severely sold hard disk problems that drove to data loss. It is a design error in the seagate grenada series used by apple (st3000dm001 / st2000dm001, integrated from 2014 to 2018 in the 5. Generation of time capsule), the 030 data recovery berlin gmbh informs, which sees the problems regularly and the same as identical.

The problem: the advised ones come to a so-called ramp weakness. The integrated parking bolt on which the head is stored, breaks. They consist of two different materials. "Fruhe or later will break the parking bolt at this hard disk model, installed in a rather badly flowered time capsule, break", write the technicians.

Deforter and grinding heads

The affected time capsule models come with 2 tb (me177z / a) or 3 tb (me182z / a). The shading of the parking bolt drove to the next parking of the write / read unit that this is destroyed and strongly deformed. If you turn the time capsule again, the platter was destroyed because the deformed head on this grinding.

The data rescue company recommends users who still use one of the time capsule models that are affected, to secure the data contained as soon as possible. Whether at a break of the parking bolt can also be played back by professionals, the exact location depends on the exact location and allowed to be expensive if necessary. An exchange program from apple is unknown.

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