British cheaply research with embryonic stem cells

After a long debate, the british house for the law now voted the therapeutic cloning of human embryos

After the british underhouse with the overwalling majority had already approved the law in the last month, which allows the use of human stem cells for therapeutic purposes (yes for therapeutic cloning), the oberhaus also made this attitude on monday. Thus, the train is free in the uk for the embryonic stem cell research.

As in the unterhaus so underlaid the coordination for the deputies in the upper house no faction force. Especially christian deputies turned against the law, the churches had already pronounced against the use of embryonic cells. In an open letter, christian, islamic and judian spiritual and representatives of sikh asked the oberhaus to make no decision to meet and use once again a committee for the exam.

After a multi-decisive debate, the beaten "trial" position with 212 to 92 votes, so that in the uk, the use of embryonic cells and the cloning of up to 14 days old human embryos will be allowed. In contrast to germany’s embryo protection law, which also prohibits this, scientists have been allowed to experiment in the context of fertilitat research with up to 14 days old human embryos in the uk, scientists since 1990. However, however, only donated embryos that were remained in vitro fertilization were allowed and otherwise destroyed, during now, stem cells can be taken from abandoned embryos.

From research with stem cells one hopes for many therapeutic possibilities, for example the production of replacement tie or even replacement bodies for transplantation. Many scientists had advised this step so that british research is not forcing in this promising area and becomes uninteresting as a biotechnological site. Forbidden is the combination of human somatic cells with eggs of animal species, ie the cloning of mixing. Also forbidden remains the cloning of people, ie the planting of a cloned embryo in the bullter of a woman. Embryonic cells should only be used if there is no other possibility of research. The use of embryonic cells through a bioethic commission should be controlled. The oberhaus gave the approval of the law only under the condition that a law suddenly prohibits the reproductive cloning of people.

Oberdies had decided to set up a committee for the relevant questions. The ministry of health was committed to taking into account the results of the report adopted by the committee. However, the establishment of the committee will not give rise to the implementation of the law for the time being, which on 31. January comes into force. The vice minister minister lord hunt had warned the debate before the decision to go further out, as it is a vital research. This is sufficiently controlled and surpassed, but musse muse muse must being before the human embryo in instability with the attention of millions of people living only only order.

Opponents of the law handles to dramatic compare. So said lady warnock: "the word cloning lets the british openness shot. The fear is that research is not seriously monitored that we quickly get to cloning to the cloning of the whole person."

In germany, chancellor schroder wants to redesign the discussion about research on stem cells and drove pre-dispute-free. The weight of the pragmatic position that had given schroder to concern was still stronger after the decision of the british: "a self-preservation of germany on subscription finishes and applications was only driven in the age of the internal market and the internet that we import that, which is forbidden by us, but allowed in our neighboring countries." the new cultural state minister and philosophy professor nida-rumelin has made itself the british position on the fact that the use of embryos with age up to 14 days may be possible, because you can not speak of a beings until this age, the conditions for the respect for the people were tolerated (in the fall knitting of bioethics). So far, the returned health minister fischer was planning to maintain the embryo protection law in all severity and extremity and to put on research with adult stem cells.

After the new american prasident bush has already made its position to the question of abortion, it is necessary to ame that under its government, research on embryonic stem cells is also broken down.

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